Maximize Your Time!


Virus, Spyware, Adware, Malware and Worm Removal  - $50.00 per hour
(1 hour minimum)

Some of our services for safeguarding you from virus, worms, and spyware include the following:

  • Installation of and update of anti-virus software.
  • Scan for malicious virus, spyware, adware, malware, and worms and eliminate them.
  • Provide tips for safe internet surfing.
  • Systems safeguarded against hijackers of sensitive and personal information.
  • Firewall set up on your system.

Network Setup and Security - $50.00 per hour
(1 hour minimum)

We make sure your network is unhindered with fast data transfer; with stable and smooth function of hardware, etc.  Some of our home networking support services include the following:

  • Network two or more computers.   (Wired and Wireless Home Networks)
  • Set up router.
  • Set up wireless router.
  • Set up ethernet.
  • Back up Systems.
  • Set upRemote access.
  • Universal plug and play.
  • Wireless technical support.

Peripheral Device Install and Setup - $50.00 per hour
(1 hour minimum)

Contact us for instant troubleshooting, installation or for any issues related to networking.  Many of our customers come to us not only for their PC related problems, but to receive support for a multitude of peripheral devices as well. Some of the services we offer for peripheral support are as follows:

  • Peripheral Device setup. Example: Printer setup, scanner setup, etc.
  • Installation of drivers and other utilities for peripheral devices.
  • Repair and troubleshoot.
  • Perform diagnostics.  

Windows XP , VISTA, WIN 7, 8 and 10, MAC OS 10 and greater  Platforms - $50.00 per hour
(1 hour minimum)

Our Windows troubleshooting expert can instantly and remotely repair any of your PC issues.  What we offer includes but is not limited to:

  • Free Consultation to assist in your decision to purchase new PC and other equipment OR update existing equipment.
  • Increase system speed and tune up.
  • Install and/or reimage Windows Operating System.
  • Complete setup of new PC with all the required software and peripherals.
  • Resolve boot-up and shutdown issues.
  • Repair device driver issues.
  • Resolve system freeze-up and restart issues.
  • Assist in data backup (Automatic and Manual).
  • Repair Blue Screen errors.
  • Eliminate annoying errors forever!
  • Assist in identifying the exact hardware issues then assist in the decision process discussion with the hardware vendor.
  • Routine PC Health Check up services. 

15 Minute Initial Install/Setup Consultation
With Purchase Of Any AVG Product
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Other Internet Issues Resolved - $50.00 per hour
(1 hour minimum)

Basic Internet connection support we provide includes, but not limited to

  • PC connection with ISP using your Router or Modem
  • Troubleshooting ISP connection issues
  • Increasing your internet connection speed
  • Browser issues repaired for IE, Firefox, Chrome or Opera
  • Frequent Internet disconnect issues ... resolved
  • DNS issues ... resolved
  • Support for and issues resolved when using Instant Messenger (i.e. Yahoo, MSN or GTALK)
  • Voice Chat issues ... repaired
  • Camera Chat issues ... repaired
  • Local FTP server setup
Our experts are able to repair any issues caused by your PC software.